Algorithms, intermediaries, blockchain, data protection; some call our era the age of digital disruption, others call it the new dawn of opportunities. It seems safe to say that it is hard to keep track with technologies of the digital age, let alone work with them in a safe and professional way. ECPMF’s GAME CHANGER conference wants to discuss challenges and opportunities of new digital developments for the purpose of securing media freedom.  

Julian Memetaj

Monday, May 28

10:00am CEST

12:45pm CEST

1:30pm CEST

1:45pm CEST

2:15pm CEST

2:45pm CEST

3:15pm CEST

3:45pm CEST

4:45pm CEST

6:00pm CEST

Tuesday, May 29

9:15am CEST

9:45am CEST

10:00am CEST

10:30am CEST

11:00am CEST

11:40am CEST

12:45pm CEST

1:15pm CEST

1:30pm CEST

2:30pm CEST